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Bathhouse Ronchi - Ronchi di Ponente

Bagno Ronchi di Ponente, Ronchi

Locality: Ronchi
Address: Via Lungomare di Levante 88
Telephone: +39 0585 246733
Website: www.laversilia.it/bagnoronchidiponente-ronchi


At Beach Club Ronchi di Ponente, located just north-west in the beautiful Riviera della Versilia, plus the convenience of an equipment constantly renewed, you will find the immediacy of a family structure, combining the quality and unfailing courtesy, the solution custom requests.They are treated especially human relationships, however, ensuring the utmost respect for privacy.This aquatic customers are seen primarily as people and not as mere paper currency, because Roberto and his wife, owners of the Bath, favored slogan respect, in the most basic of the word (from the Latin respicere: letter. "look back" - "look, consider").E 'own with due consideration of the client, which can become a common growth, understood both as a wider range of services, and as more care of personal relationship.The close collaboration with many hotels located in various parts of the Riviera della Versilia, allows the Beach Club Ronchi di Ponente to offer a wide selection to customers, in the name of holidays increasingly personalized.The well-equipped bar, the beach attention to detail, the playful moments with challenges in football and parties organized, but especially the beautiful blue sea at the end of the beach of fine white sand, are the right ingredients for your pleasant and well-deserved rest In this heavenly triangle, called Versilia.

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