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Forte dei Marmi

The fort of Forte dei Marmi

The only major monument of the past "Il Fortino", is a fort built from 1782 to 1788 by Grand Duke Pietro Leopoldo of Lorraine, located in Piazza Garibaldi.
On the opposite side lies the well dating from the eighteenth century.
One of the oldest buildings dating back to the '500 is the iron warehouse, said "Magona".
Instead one of the most historic is the "Capannina di Franceschi", opened in 1929 when Achille Franceschi transformed an old barn into an exclusive place, with a formula restaurant with dance music, frequented by celebrities of the time.
Not to mention the historic dock that once served to load large blocks of marble.

Other Historical and Artistic Heritage in the city are:
The neighborhood "Imperial Rome" where there are many scattered villas designed by top architects such as Michelucci, Gio Ponti and Pagano, such as Villa Agnelli, now Augustus Hotel
The Medici Palace with the Museum of Work and Popular Traditions - Seravezza
The Parish of Capella