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Forte dei Marmi

For those who wish to spend their holidays in Forte dei Marmi, these are sights not to be missed during the year.

The sandy beach with elegant, well-equipped factories.

A night with one of the most famed as the Capannina De Franceschi, Twiga, Midhar Club and the Villa del Forte (formerly Mariposa).

A walk on the pier and the main street, with a visit to the luxurious boutiques.

A visit to the weekly market (8.00-13.30) quality, where you can find the garment signed cheaply, and then where you can bargain.
Wednesday - Piazza Marconi
Sunday (summer) - Marconi Square
Friday (summer) - Victoria Apuan
A return to the past by visiting the Monthly Antique Market
Via Carducci, Via Mazzini nd weekend of the month in Piazza Marconi and in summer (May to October) The first Sunday of each month.

Arriving at the right time of year can visit:
"Mechanical Crib" Asylum Galleni in Querceta, the environment plays in Versilia End 800
"Sprees" March 19th is an ancient custom of collecting the pruning of the vines to make a bonfire during the day of St. Joseph
"St Joseph", March 19 held an exhibition in the streets of downtown and along Via Apuan Alps at the Festival of the Oak
"Jesus died" in Forte dei Marmi is illuminated skirting the buildings, bridges and shores of rivers.
"Palio dei micci", the first Sunday in May to Querceta takes place with two thousand figures that give rise to an exceptional performance over the challenge takes place between districts is also a choral recitation.
"The Versiliana Festival in July in the theater inside the pine Versiliana held drama, ballet, and 10 national premieres.
"Festival of politic Satire", in Forte dei Marmi
Festival Jazz'n ", in Forte dei Marmi
"Saint Hermes", August 28 at Forte dei Marmi it is held with various goods and to end the day with fireworks event
"Festival of the Bridge" at the end of August the festival is held in place Vaiana