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LaVersilia.it is the site entirely dedicated to Versilia, one of the most exclusive places of Italy and, maybe, the World.

Discover Versilia with us; you will get to know its territory, history, climate. If all of this will hit your fantasy, prepare to pack and get information about how to get here.

Versilia, besides offering beautiful landscapes, can propose thousands of alternatives to sea or mountain. Discover what to do during afternoon heat o during mild, long and intriguing nights of Versilia.

Obviously, before coming, it's better to know where to stay, and maybe where to eat, since the cuisine is part of the culture of this land.

Great! Now you are ready to leave, but you will not mind having information and useful telephone numbers at hand, which you may print if you wish. You now have no more excuses, take a look to weather conditions, and let's go!!!