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The origins of name "Versilia" come from the hydronym Ves(s)idia (the ancient Germanic Wesser/Wasser = water), from which, in the Dark Ages, derived the form "Versilia" for consonantal dissimilation.

The name of the region was mainly given from the canal of Ruosina (historically corresponding to fluvius Vesidia of the "Tabula Peutingeriana") which near Seravezza joins the Riomagno, coming from the South mountainside of Monte Altissimo.

In ancient times the course of the river was not the same as today. It came down from Seravezza, flowing in the valley southwest of Pietrasanta, assuming the name of "Sala" in that trunk, from the name of the hill above; and it continued along the plain until flowing in the mouth of Motrone.

We can thus say that its course underlined perfectly the heart of Versilia.


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