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"To the Eternal Father, while passing by, during the Creation, to donate to the world the trasures of his deed, when he arrived on this strip of land, the bottom of the bag broke and large abundance of every kind he let fall on it".
The birth of this land, truly blessed by God, can not have been any but that way.
Its sea and wonderful beaches, the prosperous and fertile plain, the rolling hills, pleasant towns and marvellous mountains made of glistening marbles, fused together, in an incomparable harmony, form one of the most attractive land of Italy, Versilia.

Its extension is about 165 Km2; the coast, made of sand with a low depth, spreads for 20km, and its mountains reach peaks of 1800m and beyond.

It is delimited on the North by the mouth of Cinquale, East by the ridge of Apuan Alps, South by the lake of Massaciuccoli and West by the Tyrrhenian Sea. The terrotory is divided, for historical Versilia, into the municipalities of Pietrasanta, Forte dei Marmi, Seravezza and Stazzema, while, for the remaining part, into the municipalities of Camaiore, Massarosa and Viareggio. All of these belong to the province of Lucca. Historical Versilia remained bound to the Diocese of Pisa, whereas Camaiore, Viareggio and Massarosa are part of the Diocese of Lucca.

The territory is made fertile by a dense network of canals and streams; the most important (that gives the name to the area), originates from the confluence between the Serra and the Vezza and flows into the sea near Cinquale, after a winding path of 15km.

Along the coast, a few meters from the sea, there are numerous pinewoods, extending for kilometers. The most famous, the Versiliana park (80ha), is in Marina di Pietrasanta and it was made famous thanks to many poems written by Gabriele D'Annunzio, who was inspired by their beauty.
Many activities are in the pinewoods: riding schools, tennis courts, cycleways, carousels, picnic areas, etc...

Pietrasanta, located at about 3km from the sea, is the historical capital of Versilia. Named "The small Athens" because of its artistic and cultural riches, it is made yet more interesting by its surroundings, ideal for excursions rich of history and charm.
The coast suburb, Marina di Pietrasanta, divided in Fiumetto, Tonfano, Focette and Motrone, allows a peaceful stay, even to the most demanding tourist.

Forte dei Marmi, with its hangouts and high class shops, succeded in selecting a élite tourism and it is one of the most exclusive and stylish destinations of the seaside. Walking down its streets and attending its hangouts yo can easily meet VIPs and celebrities.

Seravezza and Stazzema, a few kilimeters far from the sea, form High Versilia. Reduced costs, tranquillity, fresh air are the keys to welcome an ever growing tourism.

Camaiore, with the vastity of its territory (it is the biggest non-province municipality in Italy), can vary its offer for the numerous tourists, who can choose between staying on the coast or in the hinterland.
Viareggio, with its characteristic Liberty-styled buildings, is defined "The Tyrrhenian Pearl", and it is mostly famous for its Carnival, taking place during winter and attracts tourists from both Italy and abroad.
For this reason it is identified, improperly, as the capital of Versilia. To make it even more renowed, there are a lot of shipyards, producing some of the most elegant yachts.

Massarosa, located in the hinterland, has very different cultural and landscape characteristics than seaside resorts. In these places, where there are traces of human settlement since the Paleolithic, the tourist has the sensation to be in a purely Tuscan oasis. The presence of the Lake of Massaciuccoli - Giacomo Puccini's "dear puddle" - and of fascinating landscapes, green hills covered by vineyards and olive groves, fantastic cuisine, make the zone a coveted destination for tourists who wish to avoid the more chaotic life of the coast.
As a frame to Versilia, the Apuan Alps Park offer guided tours, trekking and staying in shelters. Here the tourist can totally merge with the landscape. On these mountains, where people are more authentic, time seems to flow slowly, and an almost mystic peace reigns, the most rooted traditions are hidden and, turning yourn eyes to the sea, you can realize to be in an authentic corner of Paradise.