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Lido di Camaiore

The museum of sacred art is located in the Confraternita di San Michele. Ancient documents, paintings, sculptures and gold form the 13th to the 17h century are collected there. In the first exhibition room, apart form the 36 wooden stalls for members of the brotherhood, of the 17th century, we find a large Flemish tapestry (1516) depicting l’Ultima Cena. In the second exhibition room, along with the sacred 15th century vestments and robes, is a 14th century polyptych of La Madonna col Bambino e Santi e l’Ecce Homo. The third exhibition room has an important collection of pulpits and Episcopal seals, as well as gold objects form the 17th and 18th centuries.

Palazzo Tori-Massoni has an archeological museum containing artefacts form the prehistoric period to the Medieval. The most notable pieces come form the nearby Grotta dell’Onda, where a human settlement dating back 40,000 years was discovered.