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Lido di Camaiore

For those who wish to spend their holiday in Lido di Camaiore, these are sights not to be missed during the year.

The sandy beach well equipped with facilities consisting of a single block-shaped trapeze.

An evening of entertainment in the most noble as Nabil, Kama-Kama, Papillon.

A Walk on the pier and walk visiting shops.

A visit to the weekly markets (8.00-13.00), with features stalls selling clothes, shoes, household items, but also with those of flowers, fruit and vegetables and fish.
Friday: Camaiore Center
Monday: Lido di Camaiore
Tuesday: Capezzano Pianore
A return to the past by visiting the Market Monthly 's Antiques:
Lido di Camaiore the II and IV th weekend of the month.
Centro Storico di Camaiore week of August.

Arriving at the right time of year can visit:
The spree, March 19 - at the feast of St. Joseph is an ancient custom to collect the pruning of the vines to make a bonfire.
Demeter - Show of Strawberry in May at Villa Le Pianore, Capezzano Pianore.
Lido Festival in the summer of Lido di Camaiore
"Jazz in Camaiore", between June-July
International Organ Festival "Città di Camaiore", between July to August in the Abbey
"Camaiore of the past", in August
Triennial procession and illuminations Dead Jesus - the countries and outline the buildings are lit, decks and shores of rivers.
Medieval Tournament, "Palio of the Assumption, in August
Night carpets of sawdust in summer
All Saints, 1 and 2 November in the old town of Camaiore
International Exhibition of Nativity in the Church of St. Lazarus