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Marina di Massa

Manorial age you are the first settlements of the city and the tenth in the first half of the thirteenth power of the city of Massa was under the family Obertenga.
The thirteenth and fourteenth centuries were a period of time that followed one another the domination of various powers (eg, Lucca, Florence).

In 1492 began the Marquis Malaspina by Alberico Cibo-Malaspina, which had as its objective to magnify and enhance the area. The last heir of Cibo-Malaspina, Maria Teresa in 1741 married Ercole Rinaldo d'Este, Duke of Modena, the state of Massa happen to his daughter Beatrice and Mary in 1829 with his death the duchy was finally absorbed from Modena.

In 1860 the province Massa Carrara is inserted into the Kingdom of Italy.
In 1938, the Apuan Industrial Zone.
During World War II Massa was a place of violent episodes, due to its location close to the Gothic Line.

The climb led an urban growth and consequently become a popular tourist resort option for most families over Massa in the rich northern Italy, who owned villas along the coast.


Silk Mill Museum - (Forno)
Castello Malaspina - Via del Forte (Massa) - Tel. 0585.44774
Duomo - Piazza Duomo (Massa) - tel. 0585.42643
Diocesan Museum - tree-lined street, 26 (Massa) - Tel. 0585.499241
Permanent Exhibition Aquarium Malacology - Lungomare di Ponente - Tel 0585.242156 / 791440
The Museum of Emigration of the People of Tuscany - (Mulazzo) - Tel 0187.850559
National Archaeological Museum of Luni - Via Luni, 39 (Ortonovo) - Tel 0187.660266, 347.1326715
Documentation Center Alessandro Malaspina - Malaspina Piazza (Mulazzo) - Tel 0187.439712
Audiovisual Museum of the Resistance - Via Le Prade (Fosdinovo) - tel. 0187.680014
Statue Stele Museum of Lunigiana - tree-lined street, 26 (Massa) - Tel. 0585.499241
Diocesan Museum of Sacred Art - tree-lined street, 26 (Massa) - Tel. 0585.499241
Ethnological Museum of the Apuan Alps - Olive Way, 83 (Massa) - Tel 0585.252644