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Marina di Pietrasanta

Sunset in Marina di Pietrasanta

The ancient city of Pietrasanta, lying on the plain of Versilia, should be considered the capital of historic Versilia, as well as the capital of artistic marble work.

It was founded in 1255 by the podesta of Lucca Giuscardo di Pietrasanta, but it reached the height of its splendour between 1316 and 1328 with Castruccio Castracani.
In 1430, after a series of highs and lows, Pietrasanta fell under Genoan dominion. Besieged by the Medici militia at war with the Ligurian capitols, it fell into Florentine hands in1484. In 1494, it was handed over to Charles VIII of Anjou, King of France (who had come to Italy), and form there, handed over to Lucca. In 1513, it returns to the hands of the Medici at the wishes of Pope Leone X. Between the 12th and 14th centuries, the towswnt into decline, partly because of the spread of malaria.

In 1841, the Grand Duke Leopold II of Lorraine raises Pietrasanta to the rank of city, and finally, with the plebiscite, it becomes part of the Kingdom of Italia.