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Marina di Pietrasanta

The already-mentioned Palazzo Moroni today is the home of the archeological museum of Versilia. Materils related to civilization in the Versilia area form the 3rd millennium B.C. to the end of the Roman Age are on display. The section which illustrates the Bronze Age is particularly interesting with its collection of artists form Mount Lieto and Val di Castello. The Etruscan section, with its cinerary urns in the form of chests or rounded shapes, is significant. Medieval and Renaissance ceramics, form which the museum is famous, make up the last section.
In the convent of Sant’Agostino, the Biblioteca Comunale (Municipal Library) and Museo dei Bozzetti (Museum of Sketches) are housed. The last was instituted in 1987 to preserve the memory of hundreds of works of art and craft in Versilia. Over 200 sketches and models are displayed in a blend of foreign and Italian artists form the 19th century to today, among whom we find such names as Cansagra, Cascella, Botero, and Pomodoro. The same building also hosts the Luigi Russo cultural centre, which promotes a variety of initiatives.