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The purpose

MENU 'Baccatoio ... dinner under the gazebo ... for the true connoisseurs of "earth" € 40

You can also dine in the gazebo set up in the garden with olive and peporoncini around the world.

At your service for an unforgettable evening ... maybe with Panariello at the next table, or simply ... in your island for two!


Cinta Senese tuna
spelled in Capri
soppressata of octopus on rocket with balsamic emulsion
bacon duck
breast of turkey cast in honey with olive oil and lemon

First courses

ravioli stuffed with ricotta cheese in a lemon cream
noodles with red radicchio and walnuts
saccottini with speck and fontina cheese with porcini cream
tordelli (home made) to the Versilia (meat sauce)

Main courses

entrecôte Bison (Canada)
entrecote of Angus (Argentina)
entrecote of Buffalo (Italy)
scottadito of suckling pig
chickens (500g) devilled
Florence and cut


roast potatoes
white bean (schiaccione Pietrasanta)
herbs jump


crème caramel
Bavarian Chocolate
cheese cake
Caribbean lime sorbet

The price may vary depending on the choice
however, from € 40.00 onwards, excluding wine.

There is our esteemed clientele that as of October, the last Friday of every month,
take up the theme nights overseen by Chef Franco Breschi.

We look forward to many.

Info 347 3001672

Questa offerta è stata modificata dopo il suo inserimento. Si consiglia di contattare Ristorante Baccatoio per maggiori informazioni.

Proposta da: Ristorante Baccatoio, offer available until 31st August 2012



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Offered by

Restaurant Baccatoio

Via Sarzanese 32
Pietrasanta (LU)
Ristorante Baccatoio, Pietrasanta

The meat more details, cooked in the simplicity of a wood-burning oven and savor in a lovely green setting and hospitality for a truly unforgettable evening with Panariello ... maybe at the next table or, more simply ... in your island both!


In spring and summer you can also dine under the gazebo set up in the garden with olive and chilli peppers around the world.