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Estate Agents Pietrasanta - Immobiliare Via Mazzini

Immobiliare Via Mazzini, Pietrasanta

Locality: Pietrasanta
Address: Via Mazzini 129
Telephone: +39 0584 792906
Website: www.immobiliareviamazzini.it


Real estate "Via Mazzini", located in the heart of the old town of Pietrasanta, takes its name from the homonymous and central Via Mazzini; it is run by husband and wife Claudio and Simona Nardini, and offers the utmost discretion in all stages of negotiation to its clients.
The owners, born and raised in the historic town of Pietrasanta, have a direct and concrete knowledge of the local real estate reality, and are therefore able to direct the customer to purchase the most appropriate property for their needs.
The Agency provides a wide choice of properties, from hillside rustic with beautiful views of the Versilia sea, to the apartment in the picturesque old town of Pietrasanta or villas in Marina di Pietrasanta, and offers properties in the vicinity of Versilia as well.
You can also find new construction apartments, semi-detached houses and villas spread in Pietrasanta and Marina, Camaiore, Forte dei Marmi, Seravezza, Strettoia, in practice all over the hills and on the coast of Versilia.

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