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2 stars Residence Ronchi - La Pergola R.T.A.

La Pergola R.T.A., Ronchi

Locality: Ronchi
Address: Via Verdi ang. Via Poveromo
Telephone: +39 0585 868317


The residence "La Pergola" is locate in a pleasant place at the slopes of Alpi Apuane, it is a quiet place sorrounded by pines and very near to the sea about fifty meters from the beach in Poveromo and just four kilometers from the famous square of Forte dei Marmi. The structure constitutes of a recently rectangularly building, the construction is about nine meter tall, well harmonized, with Three aboverground level of about 1000 square-meters and over 3000 cubic-meters. The building rises on a 4000 square-meter area with a beautiful well maintened meadowland and a well equiped swimming pool with all the comfort that allow our guess to spend hours of pleasant relaxation. The residence has inside other spaces such as court, common garden in addition to private garden at the ground Floor, the reception, a common hall, a shared bathroom that is equipped also for handicapped people, the elevator as well as the stairs, uncovered parking places also for disadvantaged people. We serve all the comfort to offerte our guest a pleasant stay in our residence.

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