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Restaurant Pietrasanta - Da Beppino

Trattoria Da Beppino, Pietrasanta

Locality: Pietrasanta
Address: Via Valdicastello Carducci 34
Telephone: +39 0584 790400
Website: www.dabeppino.it


December 1952-December 2012
Sixty years with you.
If we have a past, and quite a long one, we owe it to the path that our grandparents  laid out for us and to the spirit we inherited from them.
A path we have never abandoned , a spirit that led us to the point we are now.
Dishes cooked according to the local tradition: this is what we have been doing for 50 years, this is our best gift for our guests.
Coherence  is our leading value.
It leads us in the choice of the 1st quality ingredients for our dishes, in the choice of the best wines, produced both locally and nationally, it allows us to offer our guest what we can do best.
Those who come to Ristorante da  Beppino are sure to find what expected and we shall certainly keep on guaranteeing the same quality we have been offering for 60 years, without being influenced by the trends of the time  and without aiming at a generalized consent that has never been  not our main target.

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