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The A. Blanc Archeological Museum, instituted in 1974, is the home of a number of archeological artifacts which document customs, tools and furnishings of the men who live on the coastal plain form the Paleonthic period to the Roman and Medieval ages. There is a particularly good collection of historical utensils, made up of approximately a thousand pieces found in sand caves near Viareggio and Massarosa, the bones and funeral accessories form Piano di Mommio and the grotts of Camaiore, and the collection of fossilized shells form the basic of Lake Massaciuccoli, as well as a notable collection of minerals form the Apuan Alps.
The museum organizes educational courses for children, exploring the Paleolithic and Neolithic periods and the Metal Ages. These is the possiblility of trying the techniques, the wheel and loom, as well as visual arts courses. The Lorenzo Viani gallery houses a collection of monographs by Lorenzo Viani, important architect and painter form Viareggio. The body of the gallery’s work comes form the Varraud collection, one work of which is the celebrated Benedizione dei Morti del Mare of 1914, modern paintings by suchartist as Carrà, De Pisis, Soffici ad De Chirico.