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For those who wish to spend their holidays in Viareggio, these are sights not to be missed during the year.

The beach well equipped with facilities consisting of a single block-shaped trapeze.

An evening of entertainment in the most noble as Capannina Viareggio, the Trocadero, the Frau and the Caprice.

A walk on the pier and the Harbour (Harbour Area Madonna) admiring the boats moored.

A walk in the pedestrian area including the market area of Piazza Cavour and Piazza S. Maria, including Via Mazzini, Via Battisti, Via Garibaldi, the promenade called Nature Center "The Pelican" by visiting the shops.

A visit to the weekly markets (8.00-13.00) with features stalls selling clothes, shoes, household items, but also with those of flowers, fruit and vegetables and fish.
Tuesday: Via Filzi (Ex Campo d'Aviazione)
Thursday: Via Fratti - Via Matteotti - Via U. Foscolo - Via S. Martino - Via Verdi - Via Zanardelli - Via C. Battisti
Friday: Square of Peace (Torre del Lago)
Saturday: Piazza Paolo VI (Marco Polo)
Sunday: Square of Peace (from Torre del Lago II Sunday of June to nd Sunday in September)
A return to the past by visiting the antiques market.
P.za D'Azeglio the fourth Sunday of the month and the previous Saturday.

Arriving at the right time of year can visit:
Carnival and "Rioni" (districts) with his chariots and his imaginative masks that enliven the streets and city squares in February.
The spree, March 19 - at the feast of St. Joseph is an ancient custom to collect the pruning of the vines to make a bonfire.
The Fair Ciottorini, March 21 to 25 in the Piazza Santa Maria in Viareggio.
The Seafood Festival in April to Massaciuccoli Massarosa.
The Feast of Mount Caramel, the first Sunday after Easter II Massarosa.
Our Lady of Mount Caramel, the nd Sunday in May to Massaciuccoli Massarosa.
Our Lady of Sorrows, the first Sunday in May in The Corsanico, Massarosa.
The "Puccini Festival" in Torre del Lago Puccini.
"Citadel Jazz & More" at the Citadel of Viareggio Carnival.
Ranocchiocciola The festival, in the II half of the month of July in the Park of thickets, Massarosa.
San Ginese, August 24 at Bargecchia, Massarosa.
Pupporina Festival, held on the nd of August at Bozzano Massarosa.
The Feast of Our Lady, September 7 in Viareggio
Nativity of Mary. 'S September 8 in Stiava, Massarosa.